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versant faq
versant faq

Versant English Test FAQ

Practice tests for our Versant English, Spanish, and other languages are available online for purchase.
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Versant tests can be taken on a computer or smartphone. Your test administer will advise you on their preferred method and provide you with further test instructions to get started.
Once you make an attempt to use your TIN it cannot be used again.
A test is considered used after you say your name. If you attempt to take the test again, you will receive an error message and will be unable to take the test.
You will need to contact the person who administered your test. The test administrator will determine if another test can be distributed.
Before taking your test, watch our Test-Taking Tips video, showing how to set up your testing environment, make clear recordings on your device, and how to speak in a natural way.
View this video for Versant test taking tips.
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