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Ensure your new hires and students can be easily understood when they communicate with customers, co-workers or other students.
Check that job candidates and students can understand what they are hearing on the phone with customers, or in class during a lecture.
Confirm that staff and students understand what they are reading, whether it be emails from customers or co-workers, lecture notes or assignments.
Evaluate how clearly and effectively an employee can write emails or provide real-time chat support to customers.

Versant English Tests

Versant, a smarter way to test language skills

Computer-based English Test from Pearson.

What is VERSANT?

Why Take Versant Test?


Test is taken in just one sitting and the results / report is out within minutes after taking the test.

24 / 7 availability

Can be taken at any available workstation without a scheduled appointment time


Can be taken multiple times without spending too much money

Accurate and Reliable

The scores have a 0.97 correlation with CEFR and IELTS. Because the test is scored by AI technology, human and cultural bias which is typical of multiple evaluators and locations is eliminated.

Test scores mapped

Test scores mapped to CEFR, IELTS, TOEIC and TOEFL scores.

All English Versant tests

Placement Test 4 Skills Essential Test Speaking Test Writing Test

Each year, hundreds of thousands of students enroll in language programs to improve their English communication skills and prepare themselves for university study in English-speaking countries. To maximize their learning opportunity, it is important to place students into the right class and program, and also monitor their progress throughout the school term without sacrificing the valuable time of their teachers.

VERSANT English Placement Test can be used to measure their students’ speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills for placement into their English programs. This comprehensive 50- minute test is specially designed for English language learners to automatically evaluate all four skills by computer, with detailed score reports including current capabilities, and suggestions for improvement.
Uses of VEPT – entry placement test in all 4 skills, progress test, pre-IELTS / PTE diagnostic test
Test fee – US $20.00

Versant Placement test_Vietnam

Many companies and organizations use VERSANT 4 Skills Essential Tests because they help organizations to uphold language standards that have been proven to be critical to customer satisfaction and employee productivity. The test takes 30 minutes and can be used by managers to accurately and objectively test the English competency of job applicants or existing employees in all four skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Uses of V4ST – screen job applicants or test existing employees on their English proficiency

Test fee – US $20.00

soft skills

Corporations, government agencies, and academic institutions may use VERSANT English Test to quickly evaluate the ability of staff, officers, or students to understand spoken English and to communicate clearly and appropriately in English. This test takes only 15 minutes. The scores can be easily mapped to CEFR, PTE, IELTS, or TOEIC.

Uses of VET– screen job applicants or test existing employees on their English speaking competency

Test fee – US $16.00

Versant English Test

The VERSANT Writing Test takes only 35 minutes, either in online (web browser) or offline (computer software) mode. The test measures the use of written English that is appropriate in the workplace, including dictations, summarizations and email correspondence.

Uses of VWT– screen job applicants or test existing employees on their English writing ability, progress test after a writing course, diagnose writing score before taking IELTS / PTE

Test fee – US $16.00

soft skills

Versant English Test

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