Recognition of Prior Learning

What is the

Recognition of Prior Learning

You get an internationally recognized certificate from Australia without studying or taking any exam.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a Skills Assessment that identifies and validates all your skills, knowledge, experience and participation in your work  industry. Once you have been assessed by our Australian assessors, you will be given an Australian Skills Certificate, which can help you with better employment opportunities and migration to Australia or other developed countries.

What can the certificate do for me?

The certificate that you get is recognized by the Australian government. It is the same certificate you will get when you complete full-time studies in Australia. With this certificate, you will have more employment opportunities in your home country as you have an Australian qualification. You may also use this certificate to enable you to work in Australia where your skills are in demand. 

Program Fees

Application and Service FeeA$ 450
Cert III in JoineryA$ 4700
Cert III in Brick LayeringA$ 3900
Cert III in ConcretingA$ 3900
Cert III in FormworkA$ 3900
Cert III in Wall & Ceiling LiningA$ 3900
Cert III n WaterproofingA$ 3900
Cert III in CarpentryA$ 3900
Cert III in PlumbingA$ 5000
Diploma of Leadership & ManagementA$ 2800
Diploma of Production ManagementA$ 3900
Diploma of Project ManagementA$ 3500
Diploma of MarketingA$ 2800
Diploma of AccountingA$ 3300
Diploma of Hospitality ManagementA$ 3300
Diploma of Retail ManagementA$ 3600

Diploma of Information TechnologyA$ 3300
Adv. Diploma of Information TechnologyA$ 3900
Cert III in Light Vehicle Mechanical TechnologyA$ 7500
Cert III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical TechnologyA$ 8500
Cert III in Automative Body RepairA$ 8500
Cert III in Automative Electrical TechnologyA$ 6500

Cert III in Early Childhood Education & CareA$ 3300
Cert IV in Beauty TherapyA$ 3300
Cert IV in Massage Therapy PracticeA$ 4300

Cert III in Commercial CookeryA$ 3300
Cert IV in Commercial CookeryA$ 3300
Cert III in Retail Baking (Bread)A$ 3900
Cert III in Retail Baking (Cakes & Pastry)A$ 3900
Cert IV in Advanced BakingA$ 4100

Free Assessment

Before you pay any fees, you can contact us for a free assessment to determine if your skills and knowledge qualify for RPL. If we are satisfied that your chances of success is good, we will invite you to apply for RPL.

We will provide you with:

  • Guidance to prepare a CV and job application letter
  • Advice for working in / migration to Australia
  • Advice on Australia visa application
  • Arrangement of RPL interview by Australian assessor
  • Translator during the RPL interview

Documents required

  1. Detailed CV identifying and listing all relevant roles, duties and experience
  2. A detailed industry reference listing all your relevant roles, duties and experience
  3. A current job description (signed by your manager) which list and identify all your roles and duties
  4. Copies of the qualification transcript (if any)
  5. Evidence to show your competencies, for example: videos or photos to show the performance of job   tasks
  6. Evidence that you worked at the companies you mention in your CV, for example: pay slips.
  7. Your Photo ID or passport.

How to apply

Drop us a message

Step By Step

  • Contact us for a free assessment.
  • Registration and payment.
  • Submit all documents required.
  • Our Australian Assessors will conduct an online interview with you.
  • If you are assessed to have the qualified skills, an Australia recognized certificate will be awarded.

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Recognition of Prior learning