Doctorate Program

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What are EIU’s Doctorate programs?

Doctorate-through-Research (DTR) and/or Doctorate-through-Publication/Portfolio (DTP) programs from European International University (EIU) allows those professionals who have not followed the traditional academic route toward a doctorate degree to nevertheless obtain the highest academic recognition for having undertaken and produced practically-based, innovative research, and developed their research and other related analytical problem-solving skills and subject knowledge up to the Doctoral level. This may also include professionals entering higher education in mid-career, especially in practice-based disciplines such as management, education, law, public health, psychology, business administration, commerce, and sciences.

Doctorate Specilizations

Doctor of Management (D. Man.)
Doctor of Psychology (Psych. D.)
Doctor of Education (Ed. D.)
Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)
The nominated supervisor will act in a similar role to that of a supervisor for a standard PhD Project, but with more emphasis on being a mentor to the candidate. They will act as a source of support and guidance during the preparation of the research material for examination (oral defense) and for administration of the examination (oral defense) process.
The supervisor will:

  • Guide the candidate in the final selection of publications for inclusion in the submission;

  • Support and advise on the development of the introductory section;

  • Guide the candidate in relation to the coherence of the body of work to be submitted;

  • Advise the candidate in relation to any research training requirements:
    Make arrangements for the examination (oral defense), including nomination of the examining team;

  • Support the candidate through the examination (oral defense) process.

    • Evaluate the intellectual merit of the cited published and/or creative work of the candidate;

    • Establish if a satisfactory case is made for coherence between the publications /outputs;

    • Assess the contribution to knowledge represented by the publications/portfolio and made apparent in any critical appraisal;

    • Evaluate the rigor with which the candidate has contextualized and analyzed his/her publications / portfolio in any critical appraisal;

    • Evaluate the appropriateness of the methods employed in the research and the correctness of their application;

    • Assess the candidate’s contribution to the various phases of the research embodied in multi‐ authored works;

    • Establish the candidate’s ‘ownership’ of the published work and appreciation of the state of knowledge [historical and current] within the candidate’s research area;

    • Assess the candidate’s research skills in terms of his/her potential as a continuing, independent researcher.

    Requirement and registration

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    12 – 24 months

    Entry requirements:

    • Master degree from an internationally recognized academic institution or possess a recognized Bachelor Degree with at least 10 years working experience at managerial level and be at least 35 years old.
    • Minimum 4 years of work experience in executive or senior management positions.
    • Proficiency in English of at least IELTS 5.5 or Versant 62
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    Program Fee:

    Program fee: €4,600 (can be paid in 3 installments).

    Vietnamese tutor (optional): €290/module/10 hrs.