Pearson Online English

About Pearson Online English English fluency has never been more important than in today’s job market. But every learner is different. Pearson Online English is a uniquely personal, digital learning experience that boosts employability because we empower individuals to learn real-world English for their real-world careers. From implementing your English language program to scaling it […]
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Pearson LCCI Qualifications

About LCCI LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce & Industry) is a portfolio of work-related modular qualifications created to give learners targeted and specialised skills and knowledge needed to enter and thrive in the workplace. Our qualifications have been designed in collaboration with employers and professional bodies to ensure each qualification provides students with necessary industry-related […]
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soft skills

Soft Skills for students

Apecs-sg Soft Skills for Students ASIAN PACIFIC EDUCATION and CAREER SOLUTION (APECS): is found by Singaporean educators with extensive experience in education and training, APECS is international company which provides useful and economical solutions for you to have a good start in life. Apecs Online Business School (AOBA) is the online school of the APECS […]
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ACCA Accountancy Qualifications

What is the ACCA? ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the largest and fastest-growing international accountancy body, with over 486,000 students and 200,000 members in 180 countries. More people around the world qualify in-country with ACCA than any other international body. ACCA’s reputation and influence are respected worldwide by employers, government and the profession […]
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Fast Track to UK Higher Education

Graduate from a UK University at the age of 19? Yes, you CAN. You can start studying when you are 16 (or above), getting through the UK Higher National Diploma and then join one of the UK Universities. See the picture below. Buckinghamshire New University -for Business Management Overview: This top-up degree is offered by […]
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Australia Internship

Australian Internships

Australia Internships Benefits of Internship Work, live and explore a foreign country Gain valuable work experience in the desired field Better understanding of work culture Develop your communication skills, adaptability and self confidence Gain competitive advantage over other job candidates More career opportunities in the future Why Australia? Strong economy Australia is the only country […]
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EIU Online Degrees (BBA, MBA, DBA)

Bachelor of Business Administration > Finance > Travel and Tourism Management > International Business Management > Integrated Marketing Communication > Hospitality and Hotel Management Learn more Master of Business Administration > Strategy > Finance > Leadership > Entrepreneurship > International Business > Logistics & Supply Chain Management Learn more Doctorate Programs Doctorate-through-Research and/or Doctorate-through-Publication/Portfolio in: […]
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Versant English Tests

Versant English Test

What is VERSANT ENGLISH TEST? A Full Testing Solution SpeakingEnsure your new hires and students can be easily understood when they communicate with customers, co-workers or other students.ListeningCheck that job candidates and students can understand what they are hearing on the phone with customers, or in class during a lecture.ReadingConfirm that staff and students understand […]
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