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Globally, There’s an English Language Proficiency Gap

The English language has become the global language of business, which is why the language proficiency gap is a growing concern. As companies conduct business across borders and media platforms, the demand for proficient language skills has become a vital part of success in the highly competitive corporate world.

Abroad, there is a growing disparity of available people capable of effectively communicating in English, which is the universal corporate language.

versant help
Even in countries where English is commonly spoken, like India and Philippines, language skills necessary to conduct business often falls short. Companies have found there’s a divide between finding people with the appropriate communication skills and the available pool of candidates in those countries.

Versant Assessment Tests Help Fill the Gap

Versant language assessment tests will identify people with the necessary communication skills.

Companies using Versant have been able to reduce recruiting time and costs, and improve both screening accuracy and candidate placement.

The world’s biggest corporations use Versant to provide a more consistent and fair evaluation of employee language and communication skills. These corporations have increasingly used Versant for because it’s:

Versant test is a product of Pearson.

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