Australia internship

5 Ways to Be a Good Entrepreneur in Hard Times

It is safe to say that everyone has been affected by the recent pandemic, whether through their career, finances, or just the change in day-to-day routine. The most important thing is, of course, health and safety during this time.
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Should you study to be an accountant or switch your career to accounting?

If you are a high school graduate or a working professional who is thinking of making a career switch, you might want to consider becoming an accountant. Why should you become an accountant? In this short article I will give you five good reasons. #1   Accounting jobs are plentiful. Every organization – multinational corporations, small […]
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Australia Internship

Some WH Questions about Internship

An internship is an official program offered by an organization (employer) to a potential employee (intern) in which the latter works for the former for a specific period of time. After the working period, the employer may offer an employment contract to the intern.
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