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5 Ways to Be a Good Entrepreneur in Hard Times

It is safe to say that everyone has been affected by the recent pandemic, whether through their career, finances, or just the change in day-to-day routine. The most important thing is, of course, health and safety during this time.
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What is the value of a Digital Marketing certification?

Are you a new or seasoned digital marketer wondering what, if any value there is in obtaining a digital marketing certification? If you have any knowledge of digital marketing, you know that you are always going to be seeking more. More knowledge, more skills, and more ways to show clients or employers that you can set […]
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Should you study to be an accountant or switch your career to accounting?

If you are a high school graduate or a working professional who is thinking of making a career switch, you might want to consider becoming an accountant. Why should you become an accountant? In this short article I will give you five good reasons. #1   Accounting jobs are plentiful. Every organization – multinational corporations, small […]
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Australia Internship

Some WH Questions about Internship

An internship is an official program offered by an organization (employer) to a potential employee (intern) in which the latter works for the former for a specific period of time. After the working period, the employer may offer an employment contract to the intern.
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How should you prepare for an English Language Proficiency Exam?

If you are preparing your further education in a university in the UK, the USA, Australia or any English speaking countries, you will need a minimum score for your English language proficiency test to prove that you can handle the lectures, assignments and exams. Many students who do not meet the university’s minimum English language […]
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IELTS or PTEA, which test should I take?

f you are going to study, work or migrate to the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or Ireland, but you don’t come from an English native speaking country, you need a proof of your English language proficiency. Which English proficiency test should I take? You may ask. Is it IELTS or PTEA? Which one is better?
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Are you ready for A.I.???

It is said that by 2045, computer technology will reach SNGULARITY. This means that Artificial Intelligence will accelerate uncontrollably and explosively. In a matter of seconds, computers will self-improve, more and more super-intelligent computers will appear, and their super-intelligence will far surpass all human intelligence.
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